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Beginners Classes

From 3 years 
Maximum of 3 children per class
30 minute classes

Go Swimming Beginner classes encourage your child to become familiar and comfortable in the water. In these classes the Go Swimming instructor will teach your child how to blow bubbles in the water, how to put their eyes, nose and face in the water, how to float on their back, and how to enter and exit the water safely. Mastering these skills will increase your child’s confidence in the water and enable your child to progress to the Stage 1 class. 

My First Class by Myself!

The beginners swimming lesson is often the first structured class your child will attend without a parent in the class with them. This may cause some separation anxiety in children (and sometimes more in parents!). If your child is anxious, please know that this will pass, and that your child will settle comfortably into swimming lessons, often by the end of the very first lesson. Some tips - try and stay relaxed, and always endeavour to positively reinforce your child and their swimming lesson experience.

How Long Will My Child Be in the Beginner Class?
Children will develop water confidence at different rates. Some children will be confident very quickly, and some children will be nervous of the water and take longer to build their confidence. It is difficult to say how long a child will take to pass through the Beginner class, and passing can take up to 12 months. However as a guide most children starting swimming lessons at age 3 should pass the Beginner Class in approximately 6 months.

Children swimming lessons
Baby swimming lessons
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