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Dolphins Squad

8 years to 11 years 
Maximum of 6 children per class
45 minute classes


Dolphins is our first junior training squad. Swimmers are generally aged between 8 and 11 years and in each session swimmers will cover about 750 metres. The Go Swimming Coach will introduce some new swimming drills in this class such as single arm freestyle or single arm backstroke, double arm backstroke, rolling freestyle, thumbs up freestyle – the list goes on! We also teach butterfly and often use fins to help swimmers develop their butterfly techniques and to improve their freestyle and backstroke endurance by being able to swim greater distances with correct technique. In Dolphins you will start to see some real strength and endurance improvements in your child’s swimming. Swimmers are coached by a swimming coach from the side of the pool and we recommend two sessions per week.

Consider Twice a Week
Depending on how far you want to take your child’s swimming, and on how your child feels about swimming, we do recommend increasing your child’s attendance to two Dolphins classes per week (the second session is half price). This will greatly improve your child’s endurance and enable the next transition up to the Sharks Squad.  

How Long Will My Child Be in the Dolphins Squad?
In Dolphins you will really start to see the social aspect of squad swimming, and you will see your child taking a real interest in their training and how they swim. Dolphins is a great squad and the first stepping stone into squad training. To progress through to the Sharks squad swimmers will need to reach a certain level of strength and fitness which is usually reached towards 12 months. 

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