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Frequently Asked Questions


When can I start my lessons?

You can start straight away, we run lessons all year round. Simply get in touch by phone or email and we will arrange the most suitable lesson for your child. 


What age do my children need to be to start learning to swim?

For Learn to Swim where your child is in a new beginners class with an instructor your child needs to be 3 years old. 


How many swimmers per class?

The number of swimmers will vary per class depending on the level of the swimmers. In Beginner Classes (3 years) we have a maximum of 3 swimmers, Stage 1 (4 years +) to Stage 2 we have a maximum of 4 swimmers per class. For Stage 3 to 6 we have a maximum of 6 swimmers per class class.   


How often should I come to swimming lessons?

Coming to swimming lessons once a week, on a year round basis, is best for swimmer progress. You can of course do two lessons per week, and your child will progress faster. What is required is consistent application over time, which will give your child the best swimming results. Consistency is what will achieve the best results over time, combined with a good progressive learning based learn to swim program taught by trained high quality teachers.


What do I bring to lessons?

Children in Learn to Swim should wear a swimming costume and/or rashie and goggles. If your child has long hair please also wear a swimming cap. No board shorts or t-shirts as this weighs down children and make it very difficult to learn to swim. Parents please remember to bring a towel and warm clothing for after the lesson. 


How long will it take my child to learn to swim?

Becoming a safe and competent swimmer will take your child many years – it cannot be done in a month. Children learn to swim by repeating basic core swimming skills every week, combined with the introduction of more advanced skills when ready. Sometimes a child will master these new swimming skills very quickly, and sometimes these new swimming skills may take significantly longer. All children will however improve over time and become safe and competent swimmers if you remain consistent with your child’s swimming lesson attendance. Trust in our learn to swim program, we have been doing it since 1980, it works, and always feel free to talk to your child's teacher or the swim school manager if you are unsure about how your child is progressing. As a guide we believe that when children pass our Dolphins class (stage 9) they are well on their way to becoming safe and competent swimmers. 


Do your swimming programs run in terms? 

Our swim school runs all year round, we do not run in terms. This means that your child will attend the same lesson/day/time until you decide to change it, or they progress to a new class. Continuous learn to swim programs are far more beneficial to children’s swimming progress than start/stop term programs. Please note that we do have 2 x 2 week breaks each year, one in the July school holidays and one over Xmas - you are not charged during these breaks.


Do you award certificates?

Yes, we run a progression based certificate program (stages 1 to 6) where swimmers progress through the levels and are awarded a certificate as they complete set skills in each level. Our swimming stage levels are similar to the Education Department stage levels at WA schools. Both our Swim School Manager and your child's teacher will constantly monitor your child's progress. Once your child is ready to progress through a Stage level, your child will be awarded a certificate after their lesson. 

How do I book into swimming lessons?

Contact one of our swim school managers by phone or email. 

Can I change my child's class time?

Yes. We understand that timetables change often. Please see the swim school manager on your next visit if you would like to change your child's lesson day and/or time.


What is your payment structure?

Payments are made fortnightly by direct debit. We also have discounts for second (10%) and third (20%) children in a family. 

What if we miss a lesson?

If you miss a lesson, please advise the swim school in advance where possible. The swim school will make best endeavors to arrange a make up lesson to cover the missed lesson based on the availability of a suitable make up class, but cannot guarantee that the missed lesson will be replaced. If a suitable class cannot be found, or the missed lesson is not made up within 4 weeks of the missed lesson, the missed lesson is forfeited.  

What if we are going away or need to cancel lessons?

Direct Debit Customers - lessons may be suspended for 2 weeks at no charge once per year. This allows you to keep your same lesson day/time whist away on holidays or having a short break during the year. Please note that we do also have 2 x 2 week breaks each year, one in the July school holidays and one over Xmas - you are not charged during these breaks. If you wish to cancel lessons, there is a 2 week cancellation period to allow time to process the cancellation. Please fill out our "change to enrolment" form to advise us of your suspension dates or cancellation date at least 2 weeks in advance. 

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