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Learn to Swim Classes

At Go Swimming we follow the Royal Life Saving Swim and Survive program. Survival skills that we teach for babies and beginners include include safe entry and exit from the water, and floating. As the children progress though our Swim and Survive program they will also learn to tread water, and to use kick boards and noodles to help assist in basic water rescues. As children move up through our stage based program, we continually introduce more advanced skills to progress their swimming ability. Sometimes a child will master these new swimming skills introduced very quickly, and sometimes these new swimming skills may take significantly longer. All children will however improve over time and become safe and competent swimmers if you remain consistent with your child’s swimming lesson attendance. Trust in our learn to swim program, we have been doing it since 1980, and we have produced many of WA's best swimmers, including several Olympians. Always feel free to talk to the swim school manager if you are unsure about how your child is progressing. As a guide we believe that when children pass our Dolphins class (stage 9) they are well on their way to becoming safe and competent swimmers in the pool.  


Please click on each of the stages below to see what your child will be learning in each level. 

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