Stage 3 Classes

5 years to 7 years 
Maximum of 5 children per class
30 minute classes



Friday, Saturday and Sunday am 

Monday and Tuesday pm


Friday and Saturday am 

Monday pm


Saturday am

Monday and Tuesday pm

Go Swimming Stage 3 classes are where you will see the Go Swimming instructor introduce two new skills, the correct breathing technique for freestyle as well as breaststroke kick, or frog kick. Breathing technique in freestyle can take a bit of time to master, as the swimmer now needs to remember straight leg kicking, a good body position, nice big freestyle arms as well as the breathing arm, blowing arm breathing pattern. It’s a lot to remember all at once and can take some time to get it right. Breaststroke kick is also taught in Stage 3, and the Go Swimming instructor will continue to reinforce the skills required for swimming backstroke well, including a good strong kick, the correct body position and nice straight arms with good rotation. 

Be Consistent!

Consistency is key in swimming lessons. Like all developmental learning, children learn by repetition. A once a week lesson is not a lot of time to spend learning in the water (think about how much time children spend learning skills at school!), so it is important to endeavour to not miss any of your child’s swimming lessons and to remain consistent all year round. If you do miss a lesson or are going away on holidays then please arrange a make-up lesson with us to catch up the missed lesson. We are here to help and we want your child to progress through our swim school to become a safe and confident swimmer!

How Long Will My Child Be in the Stage 3 Class?
Stage 3 introduces some challenging new technical skills, freestyle breathing and breaststroke kick. Once again a good degree of co-ordination and progression will be linked to your child’s age and overall physical development. As a guide most children will pass through the Stage 3 classes in about 9 months.

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